ARM unveiled Cortex-A75, A55 architecture and Mali-G72 GPU

ARM, the leader architecture maker for chipset, has today unveiled its next generation CPUs and GPU. It brings two new CPUs called Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 to replace Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53 respectively.

First, moving towards A75, it has 22% faster performance and comes with 33% higher FP and NEON performance and 16% higher memory than its predecessor Cortex-A73. Moving to ints benchmarking score, the new CPU scores 48% better in Octane and 34% better in Geekbench test. Also A75 consumes lesser energy than A73 which gives it permission to run higher clock speed. Furthermore, The A75 architecture is also designed for windows machines and can run at 2W power for even more performance.


On other hand, A55 is designed to replace most popular CPU among the mid range device, the A53 which is being used over 1.7 billion units in whole world. It comes with 2x more memory streaming performance and 14% higher Octane performance compare to its predecessor. The A55 provides 18% higher single threaded performance , 38% higher FP and NEON performance, and 20% higher Geekbench performance than Cortex-A53. Overall, their have lot of improvements made over its predecessor and you will definitely feel it in real time usage when you will purchase Cortex-A55 based device in future.


Both new CPU are based on the new DynamIQ technology. DynamIQ has been designed from the ground up for performing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tasks locally on the device instead of delegating them to the cloud.


The company also unveiled a new GPU called Mali-G72 to replace its predecessor Mali-G71 which is being used currently on some flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus . It is based on same architecture used on Mali-G71 and gets increment of 40% in terms of performance over its predecessor. It has has 25% higher energy efficiency, 20% better performance density, and 17% better machine learning efficiency. The new upgrade looks worthy if manufacturer implement it in correct manners.

Apart from that, These new designed  CPUs should make appearance in mobile devices by the end of this year.


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