Xiaomi joins WPC likely to bring Qi wireless charging to Mi phones

Wireless charging is a convenient feature for any smartphone and, most of the Android flagships of the modern era has been applying it since recent 2-3 years. Lately, the iOS-powered iPhone X entered this group, that means, Apple either understands the value of Wireless Charging. Moreover, still, most of the mid-range manufacturer including OnePlus, Xiaomi are avoiding this feature for their purpose of cost-cutting.


Now, the latest information coming for the Xiaomi, who has become the latest joiner likey to bring this technology to its future smartphones. The company has officially listed on Wireless Power Consortium website. If somehow you don’t know what WPC is (Wireless Power Consortium), It is a multinational technology consortium for its main purpose to provide wireless technology to its members under the Qi standard (you might be known to Qi wireless charging if you are technology enthusiast).

All this happening indicates that Xiaomi is working backstage on this technology. Besides, we are hoping that the company will include this feature on its upcoming flagship Mi 7, which could be either proved game changer for the mid-range industry. However, there is no official statement made yet by the company representatives, but the listing says everything.

Source: WPC

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